Rainy morning on the island but the sun came back in the early afternoon.
The highlights of the day are the observation of a group of 23 waxwings and 2 peregrine falcons, and a rough-legged buzzard.
Our ringing day therefore started late but, once again, we are very happy with our results, particularly with a new species captured for David: the twite (2) and the evening capture of a long-eared owl. Also note the capture of our 13th waxwing: an adult male!
David and Seb

The ringing report for the day is:

Hornugle 1
Kjøttmeis 1
Stjertmeis 5
Trekryper 1
Rødstrupe 4
Sidensvans 2
Dompap 1
Grønnfink 19
Gråsisik 5
Brunsisik 3
Bergirisk 2