The weather on October 20 was foggy at daybreak, which stops the migration of birds. Fortunately a few stayed on the island and we managed to set up a good capture session with 68 ringed birds. This morning of ringing is marked by the numbers of goldcrest and eurasian siskins
The highlight of the day is the observation of a tegmalm owl, hidden in the middle of a tree, which we were able to observe for a long time. Again this exceptional observation makes us very happy
The end of the day ends with the visit of a gray heron which crosses in front of the house, the clear sky at the end of the afternoon allowed us to observe the active migration of siskins.

Blåmeis 2
Kjøttmeis 1
Trekryper 2
Gjerdesmett 9
Fluglekonge 15
Gransanger 1
Munk 2
Rødstrupe 6
Svarttrot 5
Bokfink 1
Dompap 1
Grønnfink 12
Gråsisik 2
Brunsisik 2
Grønnsisik 7

Perugle found in a tree along the footpath
Trip on Store Faerder