The day started with almost no wind from South East this morning.

Although the activity was low in the bushes, it was clear that we would have a better day than yesterday. We were waiting for some important guets today as a local politician Lars Egeland was coming with Hans Erik to talk about the running of the station and the windfarm.

It was therefore good for everybody that we had some birds in the nets until 9-10am. And a fair diversity as well.

After showing Lars how the ringing works and some more presentations about bird migration , we had a lunch alltogether in the bright sun and the day went on with an amazing weather again.

All in all, 63 birds were ringed today: 43 løvsanger (willow warblers), 1 gulsanger (icterine warbler), 2 munk (blackcap), 4 hagesanger (garden warbler), 1 tornsanger (whitethroat), 4 møller ( lesser whitethroat), 1 rødstruppe (robin), 2 svart hvit fluesnapper (pied flycatcher), 2 rødstjert (redstar), 1 svarttrost (blackbird) and 2 brunsisik (redpolls).

We also retrapped a couple of nightingales with old rings. Some of them seemed to be more than 2 years old but we’ll know more by going through the data.

Now, everyone left except me and Fredrik arrived in late afternoon to take over.

So, dear readers, as I am also leaving tomorrow, this is the last blog for me today. I did of course enjoyed very much to stay on this incredible island again and I’m bringing lovely memories home. Thanks everyone!


Ringmerking hittil denne våren: 3040 fugler merket – allerede topp 4 de siste 16 årene.

Topp 10 arter: Løvsanger 1017 , Rødstrupe 478 , Svarttrost 378 , Fuglekonge 251 , Gjerdesmett 161 , Gransanger 151 , Brunsisik 79 , Bokfink 68 , Måltrost 64 og Grønnfink 49 . Terje MOT!!!