Late evening, the new team arrived as Egil had left yesterday.

Per Espen and Jan Peter were very keen to share good stories and to open the nets in the early morning. So they did!

While opening these two already got one robin and one woodcock. It was a good beginning! Unfortunately, the second round told us it will be a slow day. In fact, we were threathened by rain the whole morning and it finally started around 9 on empty nets. We struggled a bit longer to try to keep nets open but at 10, rain got heavier and it was time to close the nets.

The rest of the day was quite relaxing, with good conversations and our master chief, Per Espen , gave us some directions to prepare an amazing meal. In the meantime, we opened the 2 nets close to the house for the rest of the day but weren’t very succesfull.

Today, we ringed 14 new birds: 1 rugde (woodcock), 7 løvsanger (willow warblers), 1 munk (blackcap), 1 hagesanger (garden warbler), 2 møller ( lesser whitethroat), 1 rødstruppe (robin), 1 gråfluesnapper (spotted flycatcher).