The light rain delayed the opening of the nets this morning. But after such a good day as yesterday, we were not expecting to do as good.

There were indeed fewer birds around. The ringing started alright with about 12 birds in the first round but it slowed down very quickly. The sun came up and the island was quiet. A bit of fog showed up around noon but it was definitely too late to bring us birds and I closed the nets in early afternoon.

Still, some garden warblers seem to arrive lately as their number keep on increasing slowly. New nightingales also arrived as well as a icterine warbler.

All in all 39 birds ringed today: 26 løvsanger (willow warblers), 1 gulsanger (icterine warbler), 1 munk (blackcap), 5 hagesanger (garden warblers), 2 nattergal (trush nightingale), 2 svarthvit fluesnapper ( pied flycatchers) and 2 brunsisik (redpoll).

Tomorrow the weatherforecast predicts wind from the south with a sligh rain. Weather should improve on Sunday.