We tried nightjars again until 2am. And didn’t get lucky again.

I started opening nets even ealier today as days are getting longer and longer. It was really nice to enjoy the sun so late these last days and the light was extraordinary this early morning. But, as soon as I opened, I figured that it would be a slow day again. I couldn’t be more right!

No wind, bright sun, only a few birds singing, it seemed a bit like if time had stopped. The first round brought only a couple of new birds. The next weren’t any better and then the wind picked up a bit, the clouds appeared and nothing was moving much in the bushes.

At midday, we closed all nets but one, to try to see if something would happened later. The only thing that happened were young greenfinches, either from here or from islands nearby, they discover the net and a few were ringed, which more or less saves the day.

All in all, 16 birds were ringed today: 5 løvsanger (willow warblers), 1 munk (blackcap), , 1 møller (lesser whitethroat),an 9 grønnfink (greenfinches).

On the observation side, Egil was lucky to spot a honey buzzard and a hobby. Raptors also are on their way.

What’s more, today Morgane has left the island to fly home. It was a pleasure to share these 10 days together!

Egil and I are then the gardians of the island for the next 2 days and we do hope to get more birds tomorrow.

Marie and Egil