After an unsuccessfull try of catching nightjars, nets were open in early morning as usual. It was again windy in earley morning, with East wind. It changed slowly through the day and reached no wind again in the afternoon.

With almost the same weather as yesterday, and this eastern wind, there were not much birds around in the morning. However, there were surprinsigly more lesser whitethroats than willow warblers until 9am. There were also a few empty rounds, but a new nightingale, a redstar, a song trush motivated us to continue ringing and we got rewarded by a beautifull male bluethroat in late morning.

Beautifull young male bluethroath

In the end, 29 birds were ringed today : 14 løvsanger (willow warblers), 1 gransanger (chiffchaff), 8 møller (lesser whitethroat), 2 rødstjert (redstar) , 1 nattergal (trush nightingale), 1 bokfinke (chaffinch), 1 måltrost (song trush) and 1 blåstrupe (bluethroath).

Marie, Morgane and Egil