At last, the wind dropped for good today and the day was bright and sunny with clear blue sky. Morgane even managed to swim in the sea in the afternoon!

There were a fair number of birds in the nets in the first two rounds. Mainly willow warblers but we also got 2 redpolls and a reed bunting.

Then, we had the visit of Terje and his son, Hans Erik and Morten and enjoyed their company on the terrasse with the sun. Some migrating birds like a swift seemed to also appreciate the weather. Unfortunately, it was also time for goodbye as Vidar left the island, it was nice to have him around for the week.

But Morgane and I were not alone for long and soon joined by Egil who is going to stay with us for the week.

In the end, we ringed 121 birds today, which is not bad: 1 gransanger (chiff chaff); 91 løvsanger (willow warbler); 2 møller (lesser whithroat); 2 brunnsisik (redpoll); 14 SH fluesnapper (pied flycatcher); 1 rødstruppe (robin); 2 munk (blackcap); 1 hagesanger (garden warbler) ; 5 grønnfink (greenfinch); 1 sivspur (reed bunting); 1gulsanger (icterine warbler).

Marie, Morgane, Egil