Another windy day on the island! Fortunately, it was not as bad as yesterday in the morning and we could open all the nets at sunrise.

There were still not that many birds around in the morning. But we kept on catching a few willow warblers through the whole day. Apart for these numerous little buddies, we had the nice surprise to get a new ring ouzel, and a icterine warbler.

All in all, 64 birds were ringed today: 4 gransanger (chiffchaff), 2 Rødstjert (common redstart) ; 1 Ringtrost (ringed ouzel) ; 49 løvsanger (willow warbler) ; 1 møller (lesser whitethroat) ; 2 svart hvit fluesnapper (pied flycatcher) ; 4 munk (blackcap) ; 1 gulsanger (icterine warbler) .

The wind start to increase again in the afternoon, and at 6pm we decided to call it a day.

Tomorrow will be a social day with a few visitors expected. Let’s hope that we will have some birds in the nets!