Hi everyone!

Here I am: back on the magic island and writing stories for the blog again! I do hope, you still enjoy following us.

Today the whole team woke up early to do the first round. Our hopes were high with the weather change, but in fact, the nets and bushes were quiet. We had quality over quantity with a few new species for the year: first a bluethroat made us happy, then we saw a nighjar in the next net (❤️) and then, I extracted the first spotted flycatcher for the season.

Sorry Terje, since I got my nightjar, I can go home now… Just kidding.

After this interesting first round, we fought against the increase of the wind and some showers until heavy rain made us close the nets at 11am. The rain kept on coming and going through the afternoon. There were 21 birds ringed today: 10 løvsanger (willow warbler) ; 2 møller (lesser whitethroat) ; 2 Gjerdersmett (wren); 1 Grå Fluesnapper (spotted flycatcher) ; 2 rødstrupe (robin) ; 2 munk (blackcap); 1 blåstrupe (bluethroat) ; 1 nattravn (nightjar).

There was not much going on at sea nor at the North tip of the island, except for a strange behaving red breasted Merganser which decided to land on the top of the rocks, just next to our usual gull friend. It walked a bit towards trees and finally disappeared behind a rock.

Now, the weather is a bit more sunny in the evening and the wind drop. Let’s wait and see what’s going on tomorrow!

Marie, Morgane and Vidar