Today started in the wind again and the island was quiet again. We open most of the nets at 7am nevertheless. At lunch time, we were rewarded for our patience with a beautiful female sparrow hawk.

In the afternoon, the wind had decreased a little bit, and some birds arrived on the island. We first spot some larger groups of fieldfares but then, the two highlights of the day arrived! First a nice flock of about 28 waxwings landed in front of the cabin’s window and stayed for a couple of minutes. We then saw them flying around with the trushes in different places of the island but never managed to see them landing again. And our second nice surprise was a female pine grosbeak which landed near the terrace and called a couple of time before flying off.

Tomorrow is our last day on the island and we would like to thank everyone for this great experience.

Number of birds ringed today is 7 : 1 sparrow hawk, 1 goldcrest, 2 greenfinches, 2 siskins, 1 fieldfare.

Total number of birds ringed this autumn : 2865

Total number of birds ringed this year: 5321