Nets were open at 6:00 again this morning. At 7:00 an Heavy Fogg hit the island and we thought it might bring some birds, but it didn’t much. We kept on ringing until 1pm when it started raining. We closed and waited for the conditions to improve. We reopen after lunch but With no Luck since we didn’t get more than one greenfinch in the afternoon.

It was also time to say goodbye to Jon and Johnatan who spent the Whole week With us. The island seems even more empty now! Big thanks to both of them for the Nice memories.

The ringing numbers of the day is 21: 3 greenfinches, 1 dunnock, 4 robins, 4 blackbirds, 4 goldcrests, 1 treecreeper, 1 twite and 3 redpolls.

The total number of birds ringed this Autumn is 2848 and for the year 5304.