Today, Jon woke up at 6:00 to open the nets. It was quite Cold in the morning but there was absolutely no Wind. The first round gave us a Nice amount of blackbirds and fieldfares, and then it went more quiet.

We had set up Three nets on hoftøya island yesterday afternoon to try to get some pipits or snipes. So, at lunch time, we closed the nets on store færder to try them. Although we stayed there all afternoon, we didn’t get any birds in the nets but Jon & johnatan found an old lesser black backed gull ring and all of us had a really pleasant afternoon.

Today morning, we managed to ring 24 birds before closing: 1 great tit, 2 robins, 5 blackbirds, 1 redwing, 1 song trush, 1 blackcap, 1 chiffchaff, 1 goldcrest, 1 greenfinch, 1 twite, 7 common redpolls, 1 bullfinch and 1 brambling.