Compared to the previous days, today seemed more quiet. There was a bit of North Wind in early morning and the birds have left the island. There were Flocks of siskins and bramblings, but we couldn’t hear much redwings today. After the first round, everything went suddenly very quiet and we caught less birds. The Wind dropped and even if it was Cold, it was Incredibly sunny and Nice weather throughout the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, we decided to set some nets on an island nearby, it was gorgeous and we really hope it will work.

There has been 36 New birs ringed today: 1 wren, 2 robins, 1 fieldfare, 1 redwing, 2 goldcrests, 1 treecreeper, 8 bramblings, 8 greenfinches, 1 twite, 2 common redpolls and 9 lesser redpolls, all of this brings us to 2783 birds ringed in Autumn up to now.