Yesterday in the end of the afternoon, Thomas, John and Johnatan arrived on the island. So we are now 5 ringers ready to ring! The rain stopped around 6:30 this morning allowing us to open the nets at that time. There almost no Wind throughout the Whole day and in the morning, we heard quite a few birs passing over the island. In the end of the day, we totalized 56 different species seen through the day, which is good for the season. One of the higlight were definitely the 7 phalaropes that we saw and approached on the water. For the French guys, there were also a few little awks around. There has also been Flocks of twites and siskins, a few redpolls and 6 waxwings passed over the island during lunch time.

As for ringing, we ringed 68 bird today, the tree sparrow was the most exciting bird in the hand according to Thomas and John. The list of birds ringed today: 2 great tits, 7 blue tits, 2 wrens, 17 robins, 5 blackbirds, 1 fieldfare, 1 redwing, 1 songtrush, 3 blackcaps, 5 greenfinches, 3 siskins, 11 lesser redpolls, 6 common redpolls, 1 bullfinch, 2 chaffinches and 1 tree sparrow.

Marie, Fred, Seb, Thomas, John and Johnatan.