Today, we woke up as it had almost stopped raining. We open the nets a bit later than we wanted to, around 7:30. The wind was still blowing at 8-10m/s and slowed Down to almost nothing in the afternoon. The nets were open all day With few birds calling around. There were not huge numbers of them, but we had fun anyway since we trapped several species that we don’t get often in our region of France. As for the observations, although it was quiet, we were happy to see our firsts sea eagles on the sea.

The total number of birds ringed today was 43: 6 robins, 2 fieldfares, 1 blackbird, 1 song trush, 1 redwing, 6 goldcrests, 14 greenfinches, 6 siskins, 3 redpolls, 1 dunnock, 1 wren and 1 reed bunting + 5 Controls.

Marie, Fred and Seb