Today, I am back on the island with two french ringers for a couple of weeks! We arrived under the rain, but both of them were amazed by the view and very excited about the birds we might ring during our stay! On a short walk with Terje and Morten, we have seen the great grey shrike sitting in a bush and we saw it again in front of the window during lunch. A sparrowhawk also sat on a rock a bit afterwards.  After lunch, we manage to open the nets until it got dark and started raining again. Even though it was just for a couple of hours, we got 23 new birds today and a herring gull trapped in the net definitely made our day: 1 herring gull, 3 great tits, 1 blue tit, 2 wrens, 6 robins, 3 blackbirds, 1 chiffchaff, 3 goldcrests, 1 dunnock, 2 greenfinches and 5 Controls.

Marie, Fred & Seb