This morning me (Ilaria Fozzi) and Davide De Rosa, two italian ornithologists and bird ringers from Sardinia, arrived on the island. Together with Terje we opened the nets around 11.30. The weather was quite good, with a temperature of 10-12° C. The highlights of the day have been: a beautiful Rough-legged Buzzard mobbed by a Hooded Crow; two Long-eared Owl ringed, one around 12 and the other around 19; 8 Barn Swallows flying over the islands on their way towards Africa and a retrap of a Blue Tit with a Swedish ring! The total of the birds ringed today is 103: Long-eared Owl 2, Wren 3, Robin 9, Blackbird 2, Song Thrush 1, Goldcrest 48, Greenfinch 31, Siskin 3, Redpoll 3 (1 Cabaret, 2 Flammea), Brambling 1.