The weatherforecasts were right this morning and we couldn’t open nets at 3am. The wind was
still very strong and it started raining around 4am. So, we had to watt. In the afternoon, the sky
started clearing up and we tried to open some nets near the house at 2pm, but unfortunately, the
rain forced us to close them again barely one hour later. At 16.45, though the sky seemed more
and more cleared and we started opening 11 nets. These stayed open until 9pm and we still are
trying to catch the nightjar that we saw during one of our round. Keep your fingers cross!

Up to now, 12 birds have been caught today, which is not too bad considering that we have open
nets only for a couple of hours. It is also remarkable that none of them were retraps.

To sum up: 1 willow warbler,1 chiffchaff, 2 icterine warblers, 3 garden warblers, 3 spotted
flycatchers, 1 redstart and a young greenfinch were ringed this afternoon.

The conditions during the night are good for migration so we expect that the birds will move on, but
let’s hope some will still be there tomorrow morning!