Nets were open at 3am today and it was cloudy with was a really slight breeze. As soon as the
sun rised, the sky cleared up and the wind increased slowly through the day and turned west.

There were few birds in the nets but we got quite excited in the first round this morning
because one of them was, again, a bird wearing a foreign ring! This time, it was a spotted flycatcher
from Italy and the ring looked very new! This brings our retraps from birds ringed abroad to 9! Here
are the details:

3 have been
ringed in Sweden: 1 lesser whitethroat, 1 blackap and 1 robin

1 in Denmark:
a garden warbler

2 in Belgium:
1 willow warbler and 1 meadow pipit;

1 in
Holland: a willow warbler

1 in Portugal:
a willow warbler

And finally
this spotted flycatcher ringed in Italy!

These are very interesting results, helping us to know more about the birds movement and

Concerning the ringing itself, 19 birds were ringed today: 13 willow warblers, 1 trush
nightingale, 2 lesser whitethroat, 2 garden warblers, and 1 pied flycatcher.

We can only hope that some of these birds will also be retrap somewhere else in the future
and help us understand more about their life history.