It was raining at 3am today and I had to wait until 8 to be able to open some nets. Showers
kept on showing up now and then so I opened only 3 nets in the beginning and after a couple
of rounds, had 11 nets open. Unfortunately, some heavier rain started again at 2pm and I had
to close. Nevertheless, it was an interesting morning with 36 birds ringed of a good variety. The
highlight of the day was a Blyth’s reed warbler, a bird I had never even seen, it’s a rarity at
home! The wing formula confirmed the species. Except for this special one, the other news is
that garden warbler (10) dethrone the willow warblers (9) this morning! There were also 2
icterine warblers, 6 blackcaps, 2 lesser whitethroats, 2 spotted flycatchers and 4 redstarts.

At 5pm, I opened 3 nets close to the house again and they just brought me a new
species for the day: a sedge warbler. So, now it’s 37 birds ringed today.

If we have a look at the podium of individuals ringed by species, at the moment:

Number 3:
Chiffchaffs with 115 individuals ringed this spring up to now

Number 2:
Robins with 227 individuals ringed this spring up to now

Number 1:
Willow warblers with 1101 individuals ringed this spring up to now!

But from
these last days, the Sylvia warblers are catching up! We’ll see!