At 3am it was way too windy to open any nets. I started opening some at 6am when the wind
had dropped a little bit and I picked only the protected ones. I open some more a couple of rounds
later and could maintained them open until 1pm where the wind had started picking up again and
there were so few birds in the nets anyway.

25 birds were ringed today, but it was definitely a day of quality over quantity! Except for the 14

classical willow warblers, there has been a good diversity in the nets today with a bit of everything;
1 blackcap, 1 whitethroat, 2 lesser whitethroats, 1 trush nightingale ( the first one I actually get to
ring, since I had a couple of retraps already), 1 redstart, the first whinchat of the year!, 1 common
redpoll and 1 linnet. Seabird watching seemed to be good in the morning but I didn’t spot much in the