It was a bit windy while opening in the early morning and cloudy. I didn’t really know what to
expect from the weather so I decided to open 12 nets. I opened the other ones at 5am. The first
couple of rounds were good, and I was lucky enough to get my second red breasted flycatcher of
the year during the second round! The sylvia’s warblers were also present and I thought that they
might overcome the willow warblers but they didn’t in the end. Instead, the 1000e willow warbler
of the month of may was ringed today!

All in all 54 birds ringed: willow warbler (24), garden warblers (3), whitethroats(3), lesser
whitethroat (12), greenfinch (1), tree pipit (1), redstart (1), spotted flycatcher (4), redpolls (5)
and of course the red breasted flycatcher constitute the catches of the day!