Nets were open at 3.45 this morning, knowing there was going to be some rain later. It was
cloudy and already a bit windy and the wind picked up slowly up to 10m/s at 7am. The rain started
as well half an hour later and I decided to close, since the weatherforecast was predicting it would
just get worse and worse. At the end of the day, the rain stopped and I opened a couple of nets
just for two hours.

15 birds were ringed today: 6 willow warblers, 1 whitethroat, 3 lesser whitethroat, 2 spotted
flycatchers, 1 superb male brambling, 1 young greenfinch and 1 linnet.

The rosefinch was singing near the house again in the early morning but didn’t get caught.
A goshawk was also seen on the island in the afternoon.