Nets were open at 3.45 this morning but it was already slightly raining at some times. It got
worse and worse and at 6.30 we called it off. We waited for the rain to stop and the wind to
calm down and open them again at 10. We didn’t expect much but in the end, it has been an
interesting afternoon with 60 birds ringed. Among these, we caught the second wood warbler
for the season! As well as the first sedge warbler and the first wheatear! And also a retrap of
a blackcap female ringed in Sweden. So it was definitely worth it!

We also got 3 icterine warblers, 1 blackcap, 2 garden warblers, 5 lesser whitethroat,
1 whitethroat, 4 spotted and 1 pied flycatchers and 1 redpoll. Of course, willow warblers
were the most numerous with 38 birds ringed today.