At 4 am,
there was no wind and it was partly cloudy. It got more cloudy until 8am and
were some birds around. From 8am however, the sun shone and the birds
left once
more, leaving the island much more empty than it felt in the early morning.

Thanks to the 3 first rounds, I reached 127 birds ringed today. It was about
the same amount of willow warblers than yesterday ( and felt like it in the bushes
as well) with 85 of them ringed today, but there was a much nicer diversity on the
side than yesterday. 3 robins, 7 redstarts, 1 fieldfare, 1 blackbird, 3 song trushes,
12 lesser whitethroats, 4 whitethroats, 3 garden warblers, 2 blackcaps, 4 chiffchaffs
and 2 young greenfinches were ringed today.

There was
also a nice diversity on the island in the morning.