The nets
were open at 4am this morning, there was a little bit more activity than yesterday
it was even less windy. Even though the first two rounds were quiet, it
seemed obvious that
birds were on their way and from approximately 7am to 10
am, the island has been invaded by
willow warblers. Some of them were singing
and others were just spotted going from one bush
to the other. From 10 onwards,
the wind changed to the South, increased slowly and the birds
left. In the end,
it has been a good ringing day with 89 birds ringed today among which 78
warblers. This raises them to the first place of number of individuals per
species ringed
this year. Just now, they beat the robins: 238 robins were
ringed since the beginning of the
season against 305 willow warblers! All in
all, the total amount of birds ringed this year so far
reaches 947.

Apart for
willow warblers and robins, the other species ringed today were chiffchaffs(2),

blackcap(1), lesser whitethroat (1), redstart (1), blackbird(1) and songtrush(1).

Tomorrow, we are expecting some rain.