We woke up
at 3.45 this morning to open the nets. The weather was quiet
but the birds as well!
A few blackbirds and robins were calling but all in all,
we could foreseen that
it was going to be a quiet morning. The conditions have
been nice throughout
the day and the wind even changed to the South at
some point so we were
expecting some migration and the nets were open
until 6pm. But in the end, it
stayed a quiet and lovely day, with lower
temperature than the previous days
and we got only 7 new birds and 7
control. We trapped and ringed 1 robin, 1
blackcap, 2 songtrush,
2 willow warblers and 2 redpolls today. The wind just
started to pick up
before closing and tomorrow might be quite windy.

The amount
of birds ringed this spring is now reaching 760 birds.

Concerning the observations, we were lucky enough today to hear
and then see a greater short toe lark which landed on the island!