Today, the
weather forecast predicted some wind and clouds. When we got up at four, we
it was really wrong and the weather was really nice with clear sky and no wind.
stayed like that until the evening where the wind direction changed and
clouds increased
through the day.

So these
were quite perfect conditions to open the nets. We also were hearing a lot of trushes

in the morning and willow warblers and redpolls through the day. We also hear a
nightingale today but there still are not really here yet. The first
rounds were nice with about
30 birds
each time. We kept the nets open until 8pm. All in all we ringed 135 birds
including new arrivals for the season: we got our first reed bunting in
the net, as well as a
whitethroat and 2 pied flycatchers.

The rest of
the birds were the usual ones with still a lot of robins (38), willow warblers
chiff chaffs (9) but also song trushes (10) and redpolls (12).

Thanks to
these good numbers today, we just beat the number of bird ringed in april last
Whereas 521 birds were ringed in April 2018, we reached 577 birds ringed
in April this year!
Just on time!