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Søndag 25.08 2019

Dagbok Posted on Sun, August 25, 2019 22:05:06

Eva og Ulf ankom stasjonen ca. kl. 14:00 i fint sommervær og 25 grader i skyggen. Etter mye

bæring og “teknisk oppgradering” ble nettet satt opp ca. kl. 17:00. Rimelig rolig i bushen så jeg
antar at det ikke hadde vært særlig godt trekk i dag. Ringmerket følgende: løvsanger 1, munk 2,
hagesanger 2, møller 1, rødstrupe 2, gråfluesnapper 1, svarttrost 1, grønnfink 1 – tilsammen 11
fugl. Morgendagen ser mulig “fin ut” iflg. Yr.

Torsdag 15/8 2019

Dagbok Posted on Thu, August 15, 2019 23:16:01

Da er vi i gang igjen!

Tommy og jeg kom ut i kveldinga for to dager siden, litt fugl på sjøen etter
den siste tida med SV kuling.

Da vekstsesongen har vært meget god i år har mye tid gått med til rydding av
stier og nettgater. Vi er nå klare med rydding og montering av nett til og med
Plassen samt rundt hytta. To nett ved hytta kassert og erstattet med nyere,
Kope byttet fra 9 til 12 meter.

Litt fugl har det også blitt, men få merket så langt naturlig nok. Nevner
2 unge nattergal, 2 hagesanger og en gråsnapper fra dagens merking.
Tidligtrekkerne er på gang; her er det bare å glede seg!

Har visse forhåpninger til morgendagen, men vi blir også nødt til å evakuere
øya før uværet vi er lovet i helga setter inn. Satser på å være tilbake snart..


Tuesday 04/06-2019

Dagbok Posted on Tue, June 04, 2019 13:37:51

Nets were open at 4am, it was still windy and a bit cloudy. The sky cleared up and the wind
changed direction through the morning. It was exactly the same number of birds ringed as yesterday
but with a bit more diversity. A surprise came straight to the house around 10 when a barn swallow
entered the living room! I closed the door and caught it easely. Why do we use nets for? Hahaha.

Except for this beautifull male, the species were more or less the same as yesterday: 6
willow warblers, 2 chiffchaffs, 1 whitethroat, 1 pied flycatcher, 1 common redpoll and 1 lesser
redpoll have been ringed today. The total number of birds ringed this spring is now 2412.

This is it! It was my last day in Store færder! I want to thank the board of the ringing
station for their warmth welcome and their kindness through the 6 weeks. I will never forget
the island and I really might come back (but for a shorter stay!).

Monday 03/06-2019

Dagbok Posted on Mon, June 03, 2019 22:57:42

It was raining this early morning and nets were open at 7.45am. There were still some small
showers through the day, but it was still possible to keep nets open. Hans Erik and Terje came to
spend the morning on the island and arrived after a round or two.
I decided to close at 4pm, after some empty rounds. It was another quiet day, even if it was much
better than yesterday. 13 birds have been ringed today and the highlight was definitely a stunning
red-backed shrike caught in the morning. Otherwise, 7 willow warblers, 3 chiffchaffs (one singing
next to the house!), 1 whitethroat and 1 redpoll were ringed today.

Tomorrow, it will also be time for me to migrate and leave the island! I’ll do my best forthe last
morning of ringing on Store Færder, a little paradise island.

Sunday 02/06-2019

Dagbok Posted on Sun, June 02, 2019 22:19:04

This morning, I woke up at 2.50 to start opening nets. It was a quiet morning with almost no
wind and a bright sky. We were hoping that after the rain some birds might be around. Unfortunately,
it didn’t happen and the ringing has been very slow today with only 5 bords ringed even though the
nets were open until 5pm for some. 3 willow warblers, 1 icterine warbler and 1 garden warbler were
ringed. It really seems like the migration is over. But let’s see what brings tomorrow since the
conditions seem good with quite a lot of rain predicted in the early morning.

I am on my own again now, Stig, Tommy and Anders having left in the afternoon.

Saturday 01/06-2019

Dagbok Posted on Sat, June 01, 2019 22:00:08

We knew it was going to rain this morning so we tried the nightjar again yesterday but were
unsuccessful. Nets were partly open at 10 and partly at 11 this morning, trying to escape
from the last showers of the day. It was windy the rest of the day and even though the nets
were open until 8pm, only 12 birds were ringed today: 4 willow warblers, 4 spotted flycatcher,
1 robin, 1 icterine warbler, 1 chiffchaff and 1 meadow pipit.

This brings us to 2369 birds ringed this spring.

Friday 31/05-2019

Dagbok Posted on Fri, May 31, 2019 22:08:33

Some people
must have keep their fingers crossed indeed yesterday, because we caught a
nightjar at 11.15pm! Trine and Jon Peter even saw another one flying over the island
while extracting! So they are around!

These amazing birds are among my favorite in the hand. This one was a male, according to the
white spots it has on the tail and wings.

Even though the all team came to have a good look at it, the nets were open at 3am this
morning and we got 37 birds ringed through the day, which makes it a better day than the rest
of the week. There were 14 willow warblers, 2 chiffchaffs, 2 icterine warblers, 1 lesser whitethroat,
1 robin, 2 spotted flycatchers, 4 pied flycatchers and 1 tree pipit caught and ringed today. A few
of the young greenfinches ringed the previous days are also fooling around and getting retrapped
regularly as well as our traditional trush nightingales.

After all that, the dream team had to go in the early afternoon and I can’t thank them enough
for their enthusiasm, their generosity and all the good moments we had.

The island seemed empty after a week with 6 people, but fortunately, Stig, Anders and Tommy
arrived in the evening.

Thursday 30/05-2019

Dagbok Posted on Thu, May 30, 2019 22:02:50

The weatherforecasts were right this morning and we couldn’t open nets at 3am. The wind was
still very strong and it started raining around 4am. So, we had to watt. In the afternoon, the sky
started clearing up and we tried to open some nets near the house at 2pm, but unfortunately, the
rain forced us to close them again barely one hour later. At 16.45, though the sky seemed more
and more cleared and we started opening 11 nets. These stayed open until 9pm and we still are
trying to catch the nightjar that we saw during one of our round. Keep your fingers cross!

Up to now, 12 birds have been caught today, which is not too bad considering that we have open
nets only for a couple of hours. It is also remarkable that none of them were retraps.

To sum up: 1 willow warbler,1 chiffchaff, 2 icterine warblers, 3 garden warblers, 3 spotted
flycatchers, 1 redstart and a young greenfinch were ringed this afternoon.

The conditions during the night are good for migration so we expect that the birds will move on, but
let’s hope some will still be there tomorrow morning!

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